What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

Half the world would become trapped in endless night, the other half in relentless day. Global communications would be crippled. The oceans would migrate to the Earth’s magnetic poles, and global tremors would threaten the stability of the entire planet. In other words, things would be bad. Very bad.

That’s what happens in SKYBOUND. And the clock is ticking.

The world is in chaos. Theories about the impossible phenomenon run the gamut from broken physics to little green men to the dawning of the end times. But everyone agrees on one thing:

The massive metallic object that suddenly appeared in the sky is to blame.

In his debut novel, Lou Iovino weaves a modern-day fable that traces the path of two small-town siblings who find themselves thrust into events that will reshape humanity, and grappling with the question that has plagued mankind for eons.

What’s up there?

No more secrets.

Political scandals. Corporate greed. Embezzlement, disinformation, and fraud. Schemes perpetrated, year after year, by an elite few—and yet it’s always, always the little people who are victimized. Who pay the price.

Those little people have finally demanded action. Powerful elites must be watched. And our leaders have responded . . . by mandating that all individuals who wield global influence receive Harvesters—nanoparticle-infused, flexible circuitry tattoos that transmit a person’s biometric data for monitoring and analysis.

Analysis by Data Miners—like Gwen Elliott.

Gwen is one of the data mining industry’s most talented analysts. She sees things that others miss. And it’s led to her being chosen for a critical assignment: personal data miner for Senator Rosemary Martin, the leading candidate for President of the United States.

But Senator Martin has a dangerous secret. One that she’s determined to keep hidden at all costs.

Only Gwen can solve the mystery buried deep in the senator’s data . . . but first, she needs to figure out how to survive.

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