The Last West, Vol. 1

On July 16th, 1945, the first test of the atomic bomb should have set in motion the end of World War II. It should have ushered in a new age of global technological advancement. And, it should have presented us with one of the greatest moral dilemmas in human history.

But in The Last West, the bomb fails and a far greater catastrophe occurs. All scientific and technological progress ceases. Artistic, cultural, and social advancements disappear. World War II continues, unending. For 60 years everything slowly crumbles and fades, until an astounding discovery is made. The missing element on July 16th was a man named Stephen West. And he may be the key to reigniting the world.

The Last West, Vol.2

Why is the world trapped in the 1940s and held hostage to endless war, crippling inequality, and technological limbo? Who or what is responsible? How can we move forward again?

These questions have been the driving force in Bobby Whittenheimer’s life. And now, after decades of searching, the answers are within reach. But powerful obstacles stand in his way. One is a spy network bent on destruction. The other is even more dangerous: a promise made to a friend.

But even if Bobby can overcome these obstacles, freedom is rarely free. What is he willing to sacrifice? Is the cost of progress worth the price?

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